Sting of the Scorpion Part 4 ‘Into the unknown’

“Fifteen minutes to Drop Zone” the pilot’s voice came over their headsets; each one began their final checks. Joey checked the valve on his oxygen mask, skydivers jumped up to twelve thousand feet and occasionally went a little higher but Special Forces started training at that height, they’d be jumping at thirty three thousand feet and that meant oxygen masks!The whole of the first flight was spent checking the gear they’d brought in the bags, inspecting and cleaning weapons, making sure everything was as they were supposed to be. Every weapon the personal choice of the soldier or ‘Blade’ as the SAS like to be known, that is except for the dagger! Hence the nickname ‘Blades’Joey had his blade, a six inch double bladed dagger, long, thin and deadly, superb balance made it as near perfect as it could be. He also carried a Browning 9mm as sidearm but his main weapon was an M4 Colt commando with a thirty round magazine and under slung grenade launcher that had its own ten round magazine! Jacko had a bushmaster shotgun as well as the M4 but not the grenade launcher. Smithy had his Sako TRG sniper rifle with scopes for night and day work.Naturally the change of plan hadn’t been long after takeoff from Docklands so everyone had time to get used to it, clearly the plan was ‘on the fly’ and could turn to shit real fast!There were three, one Chambers was in Alamut so any action will be busting out of a medieval fortress, two was the destination of the plane, Kabul was the new destination with ‘machine parts’ so they could overfly Iran and get closer to the location. Three was Sandy was now going all the way with them! That meant that Joey was appointed as her ‘guardian angel’ with one job; make sure she makes it all the way!Sandy was the one that probably had the hardest time with the change in plans. It took her a while to realize that the team seemed to just ‘accept’ that she’d be with them and that disturbed her somewhat.“Aren’t you worried about the change in plans?” she asked Jacko as soon as she got chance to speak with him on the plane.“Not really” he replied almost in a ‘matter of fact’ tone, “We kind of expected a change, just not totally all he said”“How did you know?”“The stuff in the briefing room” Jacko replied. “We knew the info was true, at least what you were telling us, but we also knew Sir Mike was holding back!” (Just one of the Mountains they need to cross)“But, aren’t you worried?”“Sandy” Jacko spoke softly so the others wouldn’t hear, “You’ve been with MI6 how long? A couple of years”“Just about” she replied annoyed that her inexperience showed up so much.“What wasn’t said in words” Jacko went on, “is that there’s a mole, or at least Sir Michael thinks there is! And our job is to break Chambers out so he can tell us who that is”He carried on. “What we didn’t expect was that he’d send you in to get the extra intelligence, but that’s his insurance policy in case we fail to get Chambers! It’s also why I’m putting you and Joey together as a team”Apparently the idea of breaking into a medieval fortress like this and getting a look at possible secrets that Phoenix might have was too good a chance to miss, and with the team already on the way, well that was just fine and dandy for the ‘head shed’ as the bosses in Whitehall were often called. “What the head shed wants, the head shed gets” was what Jacko often said, “And to hell with the consequences!””I don’t bloody well need a nursemaid” she was furious when Jacko laid that condition down.”Good! Because I’m not your nurse, or a bloody maid!” Joey spoke up, “Now hold still while I adjust the straps” he was adjusting the fittings to the wing suit and parachute.”I don’t damn well need your help” Sandy brushed his hands away and tried to reach the strap that needed adjustment.“Listen lady” Joey was getting impatient, “You get those straps too loose, you’ll end up with a broken arm or worse!” he pulled the straps hard, “Get them tangled and you won’t need help. You’ll need a coffin!” Sandy finally relented, though not without more protest, “Don’t speak to me like that corporal!” She figured reminding him of his junior rank would put him in his place, as an MI6 operative she held the rank equal to a captain.“Lady, you’re in a Parachute harness” Joey shot straight back, “That makes it my turf! I’m the flamin’ instructor, now do exactly as I say OK” that did not go down well

Source: Sting of the Scorpion Part 4 ‘Into the unknown’


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